Remembering our friend and colleague

Chris Crookall

Chris Crookhall was a scouser. An ingrained Liverpudlian. Which doesn't automatically qualify him for a heart of gold but he certainly had one. Chris had an infectious happiness. His day started with a smile and I have no doubt it always ended with one. He was a wonderful addition to our extended family at LA Productions, I would like to think we gave birth to his career, help nurture it and to see him blossom into an established editor. He reached many milestones with us. Notably, after a long stint as assistant editor working on Stephen Poliakoff's Close to the Enemy, the production invited him to stay with the project so Chris went from his home town in Liverpool down to London where he reached another milestone of meeting his future wife. On returning to his fair city he cut his first ever drama and worked alongside a whole host of talented directors, all of whom would give testimony to Chris's talents. It's a fantastic state to be 'high on life', to be uplifted by your chosen career and with one glance at Chris it was evident he felt that. You don't have to be an octogenarian or to have clocked up decades to make an impact or legacy. In Chris's life which was so tragically cut short he made that impact and left a legacy, a legacy I am certain a succession of other young men and women will follow. So many of the youth of today are in search of what Chris held and that was an understanding that to be dedicated, focused and talented isn't inextricably separated from enjoyment of life. Those like Chris who are the natural alchemists of that gift are very special people. 


Chris you were a very special lad so on behalf of all of your extended family here at LA Productions you have a place which is indelible in our hearts.

God bless son. 

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