Script Submission Guidelines - Read Carefully

1) We’re a TV production company, so it’s a TV script we want to see. Please don’t send us stage plays, radio plays or feature films – what works on stage or radio or at the Odeon, might not work on the small screen, it’s an entirely different beast.

2) Scripts must be sent in PDF format and must be written in Final Draft to a UK TV industry-standard format. Final Draft is the scriptwriting software used by nearly all major production companies so it’s a mandatory requirement for writers.

3) Please ensure your script has page numbers, a proper title page (in Final Draft: Document>Title Page), plus page headers which clearly identify the work and author on every page (Document: Headers and Footers). This is to protect both you, the writer and us, the reader. Understand that we deal with hundreds of scripts, and there is no such thing as an original idea, so it’s essential that you clearly title and identify your work, to avoid any accusations of plagiarism from both sides, and also to ensure that we don’t lose your script! 

4) In your cover email, tell us a bit about yourself and any previous screenwriting experience – it always helps to know a bit about someone we might potentially work with!

5) Please proofread your script before sending. One of the most common reasons for rejection is a poorly-formatted, poorly-spelt script full of typos. Don’t make us stop reading for any reason! Care about what you are presenting. A lazy script points to a lazy writer.

6) Please do not send first drafts. This is your chance to show off how brilliant you are, so we expect submitted scripts to have been written and rewritten to a professional standard. 

7) Although we are more than happy to feedback constructive notes to writers, we are not a free script editing service, so please don’t send us a script just to “see what we think” or to get pointers on how to make it better. This is not our job. Send it because it’s great and will make us want to work with the person who wrote it! If we ‘pass’ on a script, it’s unlikely we’d want to look at a redraft. First impressions matter, so make them count!

8) Know the importance of a brilliant spec script. In all likelihood, unless you’re a proven commissioned writer, then the script you send us will not get made, because commissioners won’t put money behind a writer they don’t know. So we’ll be reading your script with a view to how you’d fit in with one of our current or upcoming projects. For that reason, send us your best script, which might not necessarily be the one you want to get made, but it’ll be the one that makes us take notice of you…

Agents, and writers with agents/previous credits, should send their script to the Head of Scripted, Sarah Deane –

Uncredited and/or unrepresented writers should send their script to Development Assistant, Tom Kinney –

Please allow up to 4 weeks for feedback. 

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