LA Productions is proud to accept unsolicited script submissions.

IMPORTANT: Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your script. Because of
the high volume of scripts we receive, we cannot accept submissions that do not adhere to
the guidelines.

● Scripts should be submitted as a PDF and written in Final Draft to a UK TV standard format.
Name the file Title by Writer
● Please do not send outlines/treatments/pitch decks at this stage, just your pilot script.
● As a TV production company, we prefer to read TV scripts, so try not to send us stage plays,
radio plays or features.
● Ensure your script has page numbers and a proper title page (in Final Draft: Document>Title
Page), plus page headers which clearly identify the work and author on every page (Document:
Headers and Footers).
● Provide a logline (1-2 lines) and short synopsis on what your series/script is about.
● Include in your message anything you think we should know - any previous scriptwriting
experience, interesting info about yourself, just anything to help us to get a handle on you and
your writing. Sell yourself!
● Proofread your script before sending - there’s only one chance to make a first impression.
● Do not send first drafts. This is your chance to show off how brilliant you are, so we expect scripts
to have been redrafted multiple times before they are submitted.
● We try to offer constructive feedback on scripts where possible, but we are not a free script
editing service, so please don’t send us a script just to get pointers on how to make it better.
Send it because it’s great and will make us want to work with the person who wrote it!
● We read unsolicited scripts as specs only, to get a feel for you and your writing, in the event that
we might want to work with you on an existing or upcoming project. It is unlikely that your original
work will get commissioned unless you have previous broadcast experience/credits.
● Send us your best script, the one that really showcases you and your writing, the script you’re
most passionate about, regardless of genre or budget. It’s your writing we’re looking at, not the
production viability.
● Submissions are automatically logged and will be read in strict order of arrival. Due to the volume
of scripts we receive, please allow up to six weeks for feedback.

Note To Writers: Please understand that there is rarely such a thing as a truly original idea. We read
600+ new scripts every year, so it’s inevitable that many will cross-pollinate insofar as themes, ideas and
even storylines, particularly if they are issue-led (eg. Covid, BLM etc). By submitting your script to us, you
acknowledge that we may already be reading, or have previously read, other scripts which may contain
similar thematic content.