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Nail Bar Boys

3*30 | Nail Bar Boys | 

Produced by LA Factual |

Director | Christian Francis Davies |

EP 1 | 28 Mins

Determined to break the love curse, Brandon books the Nail Bar Boys on a speed dating event. Astro starts training for a boxing rematch to prove himself to the lads.

EP 2 | 30 Mins

The Nail Bar Boys stage an intervention to help Bruno with his gambling problem. Kenny goes on a driving date, and Astro continues to struggle with his boxing training.

EP 3 | 28 Mins

It’s the day of Astro’s boxing match, does he have what it takes to win this time? The lads self-exclude themselves from gambling, and Brandon and Phoebe chat about racist trolls.

RTS North West Award 2022 Best Factual Series Winner

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